Sam 'Tejas' Texas

It is said, "a good book needs no defense!"

I am an American citizen, a taxpayer, and registered voter in Harris county, city of Houston, and the state of Texas since 1973.

 I am a political operative and have been a delegate to both state and national conventions [both parties].

 I was urged by community leaders and numerous churches to run for political office; in order to make a difference.

 I have run for County Commissioner, Texas State Representative, Texas State Senator, and the US Congress.

 I was defeated because my number one enemy was the media and because of my Christian faith and being pro life.

 I was subjected to character assassination by the media and opposing public officials.

 I always asked myself what is BRAT diet?

 I have personally testified in the US Congress and both Houses in Texas.

 I have filed numerous criminal complaints against public officials including; police officers, lawyers, and doctors.

 Libel - Cast No Stones