I, Sam Tejas, am an American and a taxpayer and a political operative. After having met with Federal law enforcement I am duly authorized to investigate A C N in Houston, Texas. I attended various meetings for the past several months while I was dating a member of A C N; Kouy Tammy Ang. I was encouraged by her to bring as many prospective members as possible. Many of them had their telephones switched to A C N without their permission.

I now offer:


1.    A C N in Houston, Texas is an Investment Scam and I was one of the victims until recently; they charged my credit card over $1,600.00 without my knowledge.

2.    A C N is luring violent criminal gangs, drug traffickers, and prostitutes to promote the company product and

3.    Many Asian, Hispanic, and Black perpetrators


To my surprise the leader of this organization is:


Michael An

Case number KT44524MA


He instructs members to kidnap people with assistant:


Julian Pham Doan

DOB 08/01/1987



David William Rodriguez

DOB 7/15/1986

Texas License 027749075


Nicholas Tellez

Texas License 011409121


Michael Anthony Caliahan


DOB 4/20/1978

Texas License 016767665


Sontenelle Cyprian


Texas License 00888015


Timothy Ngyun

DOB 4/30/1989

Texas License 025838044


Christopher Pham

DOB 11/12/1989


I have run a criminal background check on these individuals and found them to be habitual criminals. Several probation officers approached me on three occasions while attending the meetings at the hotel. They were monitoring members of A C N who were on probation and parole. Because I dress as a cowboy these fellows assumed I might be law enforcement and they were concerned about my safety. I responded that I am not a police officer. The last time I was approached was at the Embassy Suite Hotel at I 10 and Kirkwood.


Julian was under criminal investigation by law enforcement in Harris County and paid Chris Pham money to take the blame; who was later found guilty in a court of law. Julian had ask me to run a background check on him during the course of the investigation.


They are enticing people by placing ads in men�s bathroom at local colleges and 24 hour fitness centers and most of the Universities.


There are a lot of women answering the phone, even after midnight, telling prospects we can make a lot of money by joining A C N

I was approached by 3 African American men during the A C N meeting at the Embassy Suite Hotel, they informed me that an Asian had placed the A C N phone number in the men�s bathroom. When I requested the name of this woman one of them stated it was Kouy Tammy Ang.


One of the leaders from California is Michael An; now in Houston.


This group in from California, driving expensive Mercedes.


They promise college students that if they join A C N and invest $100 that immigration would see that as grounds for legal status.


I brought in several members who later joined A C N and later paid a membership and a couple of weeks later when they saw this was a scam they had a change of heart and request a refund. Michael An and Julian Doan refused to return the money. These individuals that I brought with me requested a business card from An and Doan. Both of them stated that they don�t have a business card nor telephones and they would not provide the location of their residence. I was able to find where they live; Eldridge. They are paying thousands of dollars for apartment rent. In the meantime; they are applying pressure for members not to come to the meeting alone , but to bring visitors.


I remember very well one occasion there was a convention outside of Texas. Andy Peng; a member of A C N contacted me on their way to the convention, saying that Houston Police officers threatened him with kidnapping for taking children outside of Texas and the oldest was 16; without the permission of the parents. Andy happens to be Kouy Tammy Ang�s son. I made contact with law enforcement in another city so these kids were dropped off at the police department. I am requesting that the F B I open a new investigation.


Garden Inn

Houston West belt

6855 W Sam Houston Pkwy S 77072


When a question arises at a meeting they obtain a phone number and they switch people to A C N without their knowledge. I believe A C N is in violation of Texas law concerning slamming and deceptive trade practices.


They also lure people to their media phone where you have video phone. Michal An and Julian Doan encourage the women to expose their body.


According to Law Enforcement this is a criminal act. I believe A C N is involved in other criminal acts.


I was contacted by fed and local law enforcement and been told that many of the visitors outside the hotel are convicted criminals.


A C N in Houston is engaged in fraud. They will run unauthorized credit checks from your SSN and pull your score.


I personally have run a criminal investigation on their leader Michael An and Julian Doan and have discovered they have trouble with the law; and both have been in jail, in the state of California.


Violations: Slamming

$499 will be tripled


They state once you get in and are not comfortable you may have a complete refund within 30 days. This does not happen.


Was informed by Federal law enforcement that the number 3 man in charge of the organization in Houston is Mike C. Branson

DOB 10/1/1986


A C N is paying Blacks money so company will not appear Asian.


I am asking the FBI in California for information on License plates 6KPN241 & BS8C382


I am requesting my local Houstonian to be careful with this company. You must contact Federal law enforcement and Harris County District Attorney office if you have been a victim of this A C N scam. I am in contact with my family members that work with the justice department to contact the Homeland Security to contact Immigration department. Because I have copies of documents of two individuals who are illegally in the USA and they were promised that if they joined A C N that their status would change to legal.


I am blessed that I was able to uncover the criminal activity of A C N and I know how to fight back.


Sam Tejas ��� May 28, 2011