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January 9, 2011



ATTN: US Attorney General

Dept: Public Integrity


To My Fellow Americans,
America's prosecutors and specifically, Harris County Prosecutors are some of the most powerful public officials in the land.   With big budget and broad power, these crime busters chased after society's miscreants.  And most of the time, in their zeal, they went too far and cut corner in the name of justice.  In Harris County, lawyers get a job with the District Attorney [D. A.] as prosecutors and they begin a personal vendetta against anyone they dislike. 


Many innocent people have been prosecuted in Harris County because someone in the D. A. office disliked you. Last week, a prosecutor who has been in the D. A. office for a long time, named Lester Blizzard, was arrested on Driving Under the Influence [D.U.I.].  This is the same guy who has prosecuted many people on the same offense. 
I have taken on the Harris County District Attorney office in the past. The Justice Department has rejected my complaints and refused to assist me so now the prosecutor themselves are targets. They are prosecutorial abuses and we must set new boundaries. I want to put the District Attorney on notice that their conducts are unethical and illegal. They should be prosecuted. 


Many fine public officials were prosecuted simply because Johnny Holmes, our District Attorney for 20 years, disliked them.


I am reminded of prosecutor Mike Nifong in Duke's case; State of North Carolina. That D. A. Mike Nifong went to jail for fabricating evidence and abuse of power.
My friend, former city comptroller Lloyd Kelly, who lost his bid to become a Harris County District Attorney and because he challenged the D.A.; he was prosecuted for traffic altercation. I name another situation where our Harris County District Attorney prosecuted County Commissioner Robert Eckels based on false information. Former Harris County District Attorney Chuck Rosenthal was forced to resign because he was caught engaging in criminal activities. 


Recently, many Federal Prosecutors and U.S. Attorneys have committed suicide. 


I was the victim in the past. The Harris County District Attorney accepted criminal complaint against me from police officers, knowing well these police officers were engaged in organized crimes and I cut them. I was forced to retain the best defense lawyer and spend all my life's saving to defend my name and challenged integrity. 
Recently, I have filed another criminal complaint against Commissioner Steve Radack as I did previously the past few years. I also filed a criminal complaint against Commissioner Eversole a few years ago but, the Harris County D. A. declined to prosecute them for being involved in organized crimes; including briberies.  The Obama Administration has now filed a criminal indictment against Commissioner Eversole two weeks ago. I have learned through my investigation that the Harris County D. A. office has accepted over a $10,000 contribution from Steve Radack to look the other way. Commissioner Radack is getting away with murder because he has over three million dollars in campaign funds; this money came from extortion. 
Just recently, many African Americans who served years in prison were released because their deoxyribonucleic acid [DNA] did not match the crime. They were simply prosecuted because they are black.  Johnny Holmes who was our D. A. for 20 years and his son-in-law, Chuck Rosenthal, were prosecuting anyone not white. I have worked in the past for the Harris County and the City of Houston. I dealt
a lot with the judiciary system and many members of my family who are public officials choose to resign because of personal vendetta from the D. A. office. 
I am asking President Obama's Attorney General to investigate the Harris County District Attorney�s conduct for the past 25 years. I have never been intimidated before by anyone but, I am now being intimidated because one D. A. sent me a letter; threatening me with criminal prosecution because I was challenging a Judge named Eve Guzman. Eva Guzman was drunk at a restaurant and it just happened she was still a Judge and had a boyfriend who worked for the D. A.�s office. I received a letter advising me never to mention that I caught Judge Guzman drunk in the public.  If I did not obey the letter the D. A. would file charges against me.

My mom's best friend, a Godly man, is criminal district Judge Lupe Salinas. The District Attorney filed several complaints against him because he questioned the D. A. in his court and because former Judge Salinas happened to be a Hispanic. I can say more but, I will be silent for now. I have stood up to our District Attorney in the past and I will continue to do so in the present. I am currently silent because we have a newly elected D. A., Pat Lykas; our first female D. A. I am giving her a chance to clean the office of the D. A.  I knew Ms. Lykas when she was a Houston police officer, as a criminal district Judge, and later as she worked for Commissioner Robert Eckels; whom I helped to get elected. 
Former County Judge Robert Eckels and I have a lot in common.  We both knew that Steve Radack was the most corrupted official in the history of Harris County.  Steve Radack and Robert Eckels were constantly fighting. 


My Fellow Americans; that's my story and I am sticking to it!



Sam Texas

P O Box 55707

Houston, TX. 77255